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The Jolly Old Annual for Boys and Girls - Xmas 2018
Retro Christmas entertainment for kids of all ages
(now in Drupal 8)

Open windows 1 to 25 any time you like on
Hunt's Christmas Countdown,

a Drupal site built in 2014 (Just Giving page for cancer research still open)

More calendars with Christmas day windows to open

2017 Christmas Shopping Calendar
(Drupal site - the ultimate set of Christmas collections)

2016 Deck the Tree
(Drupal calendar - Reindeers again) 

2015 Silent Christmas Songs musical quiz
(Drupal calendar with difficult puzzles to solve)
Give the Silent Songs for Christmas quiz a try at your party - Q and A linked here

013 Retro Decorations all platforms
(Drupal calendar)

animated reindeer decoration


Older calendars also with Christmas day windows to open

2013 Flash Retro Decorations for mac and pc

2012 Christmas Cake  with extra version in  Flash for mac and pc 

2011 Christmas Crackers  with extra version in  Flash for mac and pc

2010 Reindeer Christmas tree  with extra  mp4 version for mobiles

 2009 Dolls' House Christmas